The production of Microalgae included Cyanobacteria offers diverse and lucrative application possibilities.

Both established entrants and new entrants are aware that the production of microalgae and cyanobacteria is a fast-growing market. In order to meet this need, the production capacity is to be gradually built. To reduce the investment risk and seize all market opportunities is the ability , various types of microalgae including cyanobacteria cultivate, also essential.

Subitec is able to meet this challenge with the pre-assembled standard-cultivation module CM180. based on the one developed by Subitec Flat Panel Airlift (FPA) Photobioreactor technology, the CM180 perfectly meets the needs for flexible plant design. This also enables market players to increase the production of microalgae including cyanobacteria.

The systems are especially designed for production of high value ingredients for food supplements, pharmaceutical, animal feed, and cosmetics.

The encouraging trends towards sustainable production, but also the increase in world population and the associated shortage of available land are the main reasons for the increasing worldwide use of microalgae including cyanobacteria.


Our systems cover the production process from the cultivation of microalgae including cyanobacteria to the desired product formation and harvest.